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Geyser Replacement 

Here are some of the common warning signs that it’s time to replace your water heater:

  • Age

Most geysers have a limited life span of 10 years, while they can last that long it is generally not intended to be used beyond that. 

If you want to double-check the age of your geyser, you can double-check the serial number on the geysers with the manufacturer’s sticker. You will see a lot of numbers that start with a letter, generally, the first two numbers after that letter are the manufacturer date of your geyser.

  • Discoloured Water

If you have noticed your hot water has been coming out with a bit of a red tint or “rusty: colour this could be a clear sign of rust. Simply put like all metal, the inside of a geyser can rust over time, leaving you with unsafe rust water.

  • Unusual Noises

Noticing strange sounds coming from your geyser, like clunking, banging and loud noises in general? This is generally a sediment build-up when the geyser is being used. 

A noisy heater is an indication that you need a professional plumber ASAP and it may need to be replaced entirely. 

  • Leaking

A leaking geyser is never a good sign, especially when it is filled with hot water.  The simple science of a geyser is when water heats the metal expands. The older the metal and the more it is used the more likely it is to crack under the pressure causing cracks.

A hissing sound or puddles near your geyser could be a sign of a leaking geyser that will need the attention of your plumber ASAP. 

  • Inadequate Heating

Once a geyser starts leaking and giving you hassle it will slowly start to lose even more function, once one could say it has a foot in the grave. 

Sometimes the devices and mechanisms inside will wear down or break, causing your heater to stop heating. In some cases, this may require a simple repair. However, it could also require a full replacement.

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